About us

Our Mission

Ved Niketan Dham was established by His Holiness Vishwaguru Late Swami Munishanand Ji with a vision to take the Indian knowledge of yoga to the world.

Situated on the banks of the holy Ganga, Ved Niketan Dham is one of the oldest ashrams in Rishikesh. The architecture of the place will take you back to olden times of yogic tradition. With beautiful gardens, a backdrop of hills and enchanting views of the river, the place is perfect for anyone to dive deep within and experience peace and serenity. 

The ashram offers comfortable stay, sattvic food and daily drop-in yoga classes, and lies in close proximity to the busy market area as well as quite forests of Rajaji National Park.

Our Lineage

Vishwaguru Ji

Vishwaguruji was an adept yogi with deep knowledge of yogasanas, samadhi, pranayama and spiritual knowledge. He travelled with 600 devotees and finished the char dhaam yatra. He travelled to Badrinayaran many times and also stayed in Uttarkashi.

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Swami Divyanand Saraswati Ji (Mataji Santosh Bharti), disciple of H. H. Yogsamrat Shri Vishwaguruji Maharaj came to Guruji as a young lady through a dream of hers in 1975. When she came to this place and saw Guruji, she immediately realized that this is the place where she was destined to be.  She travelled extensively with Guruji and also as his representative, to teach yoga and give spiritual discourses.


Swami Vijayanand Saraswati Ji is disciple and successor of Swami Divyanand Saraswati Ji (Mataji).  He is currently the spiritual head of Ved Niketan Dham and looks after administration and management of the ashram.