Sadhu Bhandara

Significance of Sadhu Bhandara

A Sadhu is a Holy Man, one who is deeply devoted to the spiritual pursuit of liberation (moksha). In common practice, a Sadhu takes up a life of renunciation – living a selfless, dignified life leaving all material attachments. The nature of a Sadhu, a divine being, is worthy of veneration and worship.

साधुनां दर्शनम पुण्यं तीर्थभूता हि साधवः।
तीर्थम फालाती कालेन, सदया साधु समागमः॥

The company and even a glimpse of Sadhus (holy persons) is equivalent to visiting a place of Pilgrimage. Blessings from a Pilgrimage may take time, but Blessings from Sadhus fructify immediately.

Significance of Purnima and Amavasya

Purnima is Full Moon Day and Amavasya is New Moon Day. The Moon has a definite impact on our mind and emotions too. The maximum influence of the Moon is exuded on the days of Purnima & Amavasya.

Both Purnima and Amavasya hold special significance for donation of food, money and clothes. Donation done on this auspicious days return multi fold merits. Not just to us but also to our pitrs (ancestors).

Sadhu Bhandara is a uniquely divine and meritorious opportunity of venerating Sadhus and of offering them food (the foundation of life) and other essentials on every Purnima and Amavasya.

On Sadhu Bhandara, Sadhus are given a grocery kit of 15 days or other essentials required for sustenance. The donation for 1 Sadhu is Rs 1,100. You can donate for 1 Sadhu, or for more than 1 Sadhu or any convenient amount (lesser or more) than Rs 1,100.

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